10 Things You’d Love To Say To Your Mother-In-Law, But Don’t Have The Guts…”

1. (priyanka giri)  “I hate you from the bottom of my heart!  I wish to beat you mercilessly.”

2. (Laraylia) “I can’t even begin to explain to you how glad I am that my husband did not turn out like you.”

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The Top 25 Best Little League Football Photographs Ever!

We at Completethelist.Wordpress.Com want to list “The Top 25 Best Little League Football Photographs Ever!”  We need your comments to complete the list…, just submit a link to your photograph at the comments box and I will post it on the site.  (No copywrited photos please) 

1. “Hydration”

2. “Waitin’ For Offense”

3. (Salgal2478)

4.  (Salgal2478)

5. (Salgal2478)

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The 25 Best Fall Leaves Photos Ever!

We at CompleteTheList.Wordpress.Com want to list “The Top 25 Best Fall Leaves Photos Ever!”  We need your comments to complete the list…, just submit your photo links at the comments box and I will post them to the site with your login name.  I would appreciate any additional information you can provide such as photo name, location, date, time, who took the photo, camera type, film type…ect.  ((No copywrited photographs please))

1. “Fall Leaves”

Brethart77 - "Fall Leaves" Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT - 10/19/2008 apx 3pm, Kodak z710, 7.1mp Digital - Taken by Brethart77

Brethart77 - "Fall Leaves" Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT - 10/19/2008 apx 3pm, Kodak z710, 7.1mp Digital - Taken by Brethart77

2. “Stump In The Woods”

Brethart77 - "Stump In The Woods" Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT - 10/19/2008 apx 3pm, Kodak z710, 7.1mp Digital - Taken by Brethart77

3. “Fall Leaves 3”

Brethart77 - "Fall Leaves 3" Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT - 10/19/2008 apx 3pm, Kodak z710, 7.1mp Digital - Taken by Brethart77

4. “Fall Leaves 4”

Brethart77 - "Fall Leaves 4" Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT - 10/19/2008 apx 3pm, Kodak z710, 7.1mp Digital - Taken by Brethart77

5. “Fall Leaves 5”

Brethart77 - "Fall Leaves 5" Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT - 10/19/2008 apx 3pm, Kodak z710, 7.1mp Digital - Taken by Brethart77

6. (Salgal2478)

Salgal3478 - Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT - 10/19/2008 apx 3pm, - Taken by Salgal2478

7. (Salgal2478)

Salgal3478 - Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT - 10/19/2008 apx 3pm, - Taken by Salgal2478

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Top 10 Worst Opening Lines For A Novel.

We at Completethelist.Wordpress.Com want to post “the top 10 Worst Opening Lines For A Novel”.  We need your help to complete the list…we’d love to hear your suggestions, just submit your answers at the comments box.

1. (Matt) It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. Seriously it was the worst of times.

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15 Best and 15 Worst Office Pens Ever!

We at Completethelist.Wordpress.Com want to list “the 15 Best and Worst Office Pens Ever!”  We need your comments to complete the list…, just submit your suggestions at the comments box.


1. Waterman Ball Point Pen – In my opinion, this is the best ball point pen on the planet today.  I can’t imagine you ever going wrong with this product.  The weight balance seems perfect, the color of the ink is good and the writing is always dependable.  I you like using a ball point pen and you would like a pen with an executive look and feel, this pen is definitely for you. 

2. Pilot Dr. Grip LTD – The top-end standard for your typical office pens.  The LTD is a Gel Ink pen, yet doesn’t seem to smear much at all on a regular surface.  It has an almost perfect grip, writes smooth and the ink is dark, yet still has brilliant characteristic.  Good looking pen–but, will your office pay $10 per pen?

3.  BIC Intensity – Great pen for work, comfortable in your hand and the gel ink writes smoothe, but the ink tends to smear if you’re not careful, or write on a glossy surface.

4. Waterford Kilbarry Guilloche Rollerball Pen – When it comes to “fancy” pens you get for a 10 year anniversary, this pen is a great choice.  It’s made of solid brass with plaitnum plated accents.  This large pen has got a great texture and a balanced feel when you write.  The dark, yet bright liquid ink simply glides across the page.  It seems to have a very old fashioned feel as if I was using a fountain pen – no cusion or grip on this pen.  I’m not sure that I would ever use this pen if I were to be hand writing a letter, or signing a lot of documents (unless for the pure intent of impressing someone or to stroke my own ego). 


5. Uniball Jetstream Premier – This is a rollerbal pen and has a lot of nice innovations.  The ink is a little on the dull-side as far as color, but it writes smooth and has a very dependable ink flow.  One neat function of this pen is the relatively soft and muted clicking action for a retractable pen–I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t distract too many people in a classroom setting to be constantly clicking this pen–although it’s not entirely silent of course.  If you are one of those, maybe this pen is for you. 

The grip is a little strange and awkward to get used to, but seems to be a smart design which makes your writing movements to have a pillowed, squishy feel–but, not so much that it annoys.  One side is softer near the bottom of the grip and the other side is softer near the top of the grip (middle finger knuckle rest vs. thumb rest) and a good traction spot for the forefinger.  I think if you’re a firm gripper and/or do a lot of writing this might be a pen for you as well. 

6. Pentel tko – A pen that isn’t real reliable, but writes fine.  It is a slender pen that has a clear shaft so you can easily see the ink level.  Has a nice grippy tip for comfort and control.  Smooth writing pen with a nice color ink.  If you like a slender and inexpensive pen, this may be your choice.

7.  BIC Reaction – The Reaction is a good writing pen with a nice bright color, dependable writing and also has a nice “shock absorber” for those that tend to press too hard when they write–I’m guessing that is why they call it the “Reaction.”  But, the absorption isn’t too squishy, it seems just about right to me.  I have used this pen when dealing with particularly frustrating people and it’s nice to have a little give to the pen if you’re writing when you’re angry.

8. BIC Z4Roller 0.7 – This is a good writing pen, but I don’t like having to take the lid on and off.  You can easily see the ink level, which is a plus for any pen (no surprise when the ink runs out).  It has a nice design, a comfortable (dimpled) grip and the ink seems to flow nicely.  You can’t see it on the photo, but there is a bar code on the side of the pen–maybe that wouldn’t be available on a pen purchased in a box?

9. [Supergirl] I have found that the absolute best pen to buy is the Pilot G6 07. It may smear a little, but the end result is amazing.. my office orders them non-stop.

10. (berserkersgearpage) Zebra F-701


Also see:


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1. BIC Round Stick – Terrible “torturous” pen with sticky ink that doesn’t write immediately when your pen hits the page.  Warning! Your page may have scribble marks from trying to get the ink started. 

2. Papermate Black Cap pen – If it can’t get any worse.  I believe it is an office conspiricy to order these pens.  What they really want you to do is go out and buy your own, so they give you the worst pens on the planet.  This is the most unpredictable pen in existence.  Will it write?  Maybe.

3. Papermate Felt Tip Pen – Great pen for signing an autograph (once), or signing a birthday card, but I would never use this pen to fill out any important documents.

4. Gimmicky Pens – Pretty much a papermate pen in a fancy costume.

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101 ways to annoy your mother-in-law without her knowing your intentions.

We at Completethelist.Wordpress.Com want to list “50 ways to annoy your mother-in-law without her knowing your intentions.”  We have found that there is a great need for those desperate to even the score.  We need your help to complete the list…we’d love to hear your suggestions, just submit your answers at the comments box.

1. If she calls to let you know she’s coming over to your house, hurry and put on a bath robe and wet your hair.  Act shocked to see her when she arrives.

2. Ask her each time you see her, “Are you feeling okay?  You look like you have a cold or something.”

3. If she has photographs, or artwork hanging on the walls, pretend that you are straightening a few each time you go to their place when really you are making them lean just a little to the right or left.

4. Use a her favorite magazines as coasters when having a drink at her house.

5. If you see a partially completed crossword puzzle,  say “Oh I love crossword puzzles” and fill in all the wrong words.

6. Move book-marks a few pages ahead of where they’re placed.

7. Several seconds after she’s gotten into the bathroom, knock on the door impatiently saying, “Please hurry, I really need to pee!”

8. Offer to put away her washed dishes, but put them in all the wrong places.

9. Offer to meet at a restaurant for dinner, then don’t go.  Just say, “Oh, I forgot.”

10. Offer to pay for everyone’s meal, then when the waiter arrives say “We’ll all just have water, thanks.”

11. Never feed your kids before going to her house so that they constantly beg her for food.

12. Bring a carton of boiled eggs with you and when she isn’t looking, switch them out for her fresh ones.

13. Just before you leave, open the fridge and put a dot of black food coloring into her milk container.

14. Leave her fridge, or freezer open just a crack when you leave her house.  If she doesn’t notice right away, her food will spoil.

15. Send her a Happy Birthday card with her favorite famous person’s return address (and a special note from them).

16. Pick ear wax out of your ears and wipe it on stuff in her house.

17. Buy her cheap art several times a year.  Tell her that you were thinking of her when you bought them.

18.(Adrienne) If you happen to have a small dog, take it with you to your MIL’s home.  Make sure it hasn’t pooped in a day or so, and then find a way to “accidentally” allow him to do his business on her fave rug……then laugh innocently and say, “Fluffy only poops where he has smelled sh** before, that’s STRANGE…” she will get the hint if she has been badmouthing you lately.

19. (Adrienne) If you really don’t like your MIL you could show her your secret displeasure by flushing a few thick old socks down her toilet.  Continue flushing until it overflows.  Then run to her saying that her toilet isn’t working properly. Or, just let her find it that way…heehee.

20. (Annoyed) [Edited] Accuse her of doing something awful, like, “Someone’s been selling my daughter’s clothes online.  Was it you?”

21. (Haha) Sign her up for AARP!! They send junk mail all the time AND sell your address to ALL types of other businesses!

22. (SoThatsHowItIs) Keep telling her how much you love her son and how much he loves and looks after you.  If she really likes you then this will make her happy, if she secretly hates you, this will DRIVE HER NUTS! It’s a win win!

23. (dixie511)  If your MIL is selling something like Mary Kay sign up for it and then a couple of weeks later tell her that selling isn’t your thing and sign up for Avon the same day and bring a book by and put it on her door step.

24. (kris1980) When you’re visiting your MIL, switch her diet pills for laxative pills they sell to elderly people with serious bowel problems. She won’t be inviting you for the next few months or so.

25. (Lish) I leave random nursing home brochures in her house.

26. (Rayven)  When ever your MIL calls you answer the phone exasperated and when she asks what’s wrong, explain in detail how wonderful the sex was with your husband, when she asks you to stop, say that’s the same thing you tell your husband when he gets rough! She will be very disgusted! And eventually stop calling!

27. (Warren)  Take your other MIL on holiday with you and your family.

28. (Becky) Start cleaning her house the second you get there, even if its already clean.

29.  (payback is hell)  Send her a snarky greeting card – the more back-handed and insulting the better.

30. (it works bothways) Steal an apology.

31 (IHateMyMIL)  Put laxatives in her milk.

32. (Barbiegirl)  Order a special Tshirt as a gift that says “I love my Daughter-In-Law/I love my Son-In-Law” with a huge picture of your face on it.

33. (Laraylia)  Bake for her, but put the wrong ingredients in the batter (have paprika flavored cupcakes and chocolate prawn crackers). 

34. (lordfarquad) Defecate on her pillow.

35. (Zaf) Urinate around and on the toilet seat in her house. She will go nuts.

36 (Sprites) Text naughty, sexy things to your spouse while she’s around.  When she asks “what’s so funny?” say, “oh, nothing.”

37: (HollyHu) Boil an Egg and unshell the egg. Then place it in the main room she stays in but it a hidden place. It will make a a funky smell.

38: (HollyHu) Pee on her toothbrush, when she isn’t home.

39: (HollyHu) If she is a blond and uses that blond shampoo (that is actually a purple or blue color), slip in some temporary (same color) hair dye. She can’t get too mad because she wont know what happened and it will eventually come out with more shampoo washes.

40. (Tuddy) Hook your MIL up to your wireless network at home, then as soon as you leave the house change your network key… Absolute BLISS :-)

41. (Victoria Alcock) I use a trick from a tv show. Instead of saying’F*** off, I say ‘Thats nice’. She has no idea which I mean, she watches the show its from, but thinks I don’t. The confusion is funny revenge.

42. (Christy) Switch her conditioner with Nair.

43. (Kaye) Create an outdoor decorative swivel sign that is stocked with flowers that your mother in law is allergic to – others with scents she despises, or plants she cant stand etc…The sign could read on one side “Friends welcome!” The other side, “Relatives by Appointment Only”…I guess its a passive aggressive way to get a little payback.

44. (Karen) When she phones your house, Ask who is calling. If she says her name prompt her for a surname. Do it every single time.

45. (Raed Gheith) If your mother-in-law talks too much, always offer her some potato chips and soda before she begins flapping her lips. Potato chips contain salt and makes the mouth run dry. Give her soda for a drink, and say you have nothing else. The carbonation and ingredients in soda will further dehydrate her. She’ll eventually stop talking

46. (Shosho) Open up her dresser drawers and stamp your foot on all of her undergarments. I bet that will make you feel great!

47. (Chris82) Whenever your MIL takes a shower, turn on all the other facets to hot (make sure you only turn on the ones you can get to in time if in the event she tries to bust you).  The shower will quickly run out of hot water.

48. (Lauren Greenwood) Turn her home into a flop house and raid the fridge (like you’re a nanny with no kids to watch).

49. (annoyed by manipulated/cunning MIL) Wear tight and revealing clothes when she comes over, then bend over a lot to show off your booty.

50. (annoyed by manipulated/cunning MIL) Ask her to go see movies with you about old people, like, “That Old Fart!”

51. (annoyed by manipulated/cunning MIL) Wear expensive jewelry when you visit her.  If shes secretly checks you out every time, let her. Put your hair back and let your earrings shine on her face!

52. (annoyed by manipulated/cunning MIL) Every time she throws a cunning, manipulated joke at you, reply with a lovely laugh, “You’re so mean! How did you come up with that one?”

53. (courtcourt) After every conversation with her mumble “Ughh, this is why nobody likes you.”

54. (karen) When she phones your house, ask who is calling. If she says her name, prompt her for a surname. I do it every single time.

55. (tired of in-laws) If your MIL acts like a child, treat her accordingly! Speak to her like a baby, say, “Awww, your mad at me huh? Don’t be mad, I love you!”

56. (lzzchicago) If your MIL is allergic to a certain brand of dish detergent, switch hers for that brand.

57. (lzzchicago) Buy her Anti-Cracking Heel Cream for Christmas, practical and funny.

58. (lzzchicago) Buy her the movie “Monster in Law.”

59. (kathi) Make your cell phone ring and then answer it, pretending to talk to a friend, casually. However, the conversation is actually all about the fantastic, incredible traits the friend’s MIL has. If yours is uneducated hers is a physics major, if yours is fat, hers is thin and in super great sexy good shape. Perky boobs, handsome husband – the whole nine yards. Make sure you pause now and then and let your imaginary friend speak. No way she can interrupt – it’s not about her, but she will suffer in silence big time.

60. (woo hoo) Give her gifts that imply that everyone sees her as a retched old lady, like: a shoe horn, a book about menopause, a particularly revolting perfume.

61. (woo hoo) Give her clothes that are a few sizes bigger than she actually is.

62. (woo hoo) Invite her to dinner, intentionally give her a smaller portion and then offer to cut it up for her.

63. (woo hoo) Pretend that you can smell something bad in her house.

64. (woo hoo) Have a laugh with your father in law (about her), this is a double whammy!

65. (woo hoo) “Accidentally,” spill wine on her sofa.

66. (woo hoo) Tell her all the nice things your partner says to you.

67. (woo hoo) Get your kids to make art for her (and lots of it). Make sure she knows you want to see it displayed.

68. (woo hoo) Tell her you love HER mother in law.

69. (labrat) Flush the toilet when they take a shower.

70. (chubby digits) Upon meeting her, ecstatically congratulate her and tell her how happy you are for her. When she says what for, answer her innocently: “On your pregnancy!?”

Of course she isn’t. Have fun watching her get all riled up and insecure about her appearance.


Top 10 Least-Likely Opened Email Headers.

We at Completethelist.Wordpress.Com want to post “the top 10 least-likely opened email headers.”  We need your help to complete the list…, just submit your answers at the comments box.

1. (Matt) – Anything in all capital letters.

2. (mamaneeds2rant) Easy Work From Home – Great Pay! (Yeah Right!)

3. Official Approval Payment Valued $8.3 Million.

4. International Pharmacy!

5. Anything from the Bank of Africa

6. (This could be your comment!)